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Science is Human

As early as 1959, the Press had decided to produce major books on the understanding that the University would be able to sell English and hopefully American rights. This decision was based on the realities of the market-place: UOP was young, small, and not equipped for distributing world-wide. Hugh Parton's Science is Human, a hardback of 124 pages retailing at $4.50, was produced to celebrate his retirement as Mellor Professor of Chemistry. In late March 1990, he answered a query on it: 'I am surprised to know anything remains of it. I cannot recall any royalties on it, and had no reason to expect any, as it was organized by two of my former students [Panckhurst]. I hope you can eliminate the remaining stock.' He ended his letter: 'Good wishes to the O. U. Press.'

H. N. Parton, Science is Human (1972).

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