Ngā Pikitūroa o Ngāi Tahu

NgĀ PikitŪroa o NgĀi Tahu

While historian Rawiri Te Maire Tau marshalled the intellectual information for his Ngā Pikitūroa o Ngāi Tahu, a work that documents the how and why the traditions of the Ngāi Tahu were formed, a number of others provided essential services towards its final publication. These 'mid-wives' included Margaret and Geoffrey Sweet (editing), Allan Kynaston (map-maker), Louis Glassie (index-maker), and Wendy Harrex, Anneloes Douglas and Fiona Moffat at UOP finalised the text for publication. Until 1992, McIndoe printed most of UOP's books. PrintLink in Wellington printed this particular work.

Rawiri Te Maire Tau, Ngā Pikitūroa o Ngāi Tahu. The Oral Traditions of Ngāi Tahu (2003).


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