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New interactive 3D model of the Kia Ora carved in the tunnels of Arras

Friday 28 October 2016 5:48pm

The LiDARRAS project released a new 3D model of the Kia Ora and silver ferns carved by soldiers of the NZETC in the Blenheim quarry underneath Arras in France. The model is a textured mesh made from high resolution laser scans that can be explored, rotated, and zoomed easily from any web browser.

With near 1mm spatial resolution, the original scans made with the Trimble TX8 were resampled for easier processing into a point every 5 mm resulting in over 2 Million points. The resulting point cloud is meshed into triangle surfaces by connecting nearby points. The resulting mesh was then textured using the photographic panorama captured after the scan. We then use the Sketchfab web interface to publish the 3D model and make it available to the public so it can be explored easily without dedicated software.

Find out more about Sketchfab.