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Seminar Series

We are proud to host the Department of Management Seminar Series for 2019

Presenters include staff from the Department of Management and other faculties, as well as scholars visiting from other Universities.

Everyone is welcome!

Unless noted otherwise (*), all seminars will be held at 12.00 pm on Thursdays, in OBS231. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Convenor:  Dr Nancy Blaker

Upcoming seminars

Thursday 6 June (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Douglas Wang, PhD confirmation seminar
Topic:  Mastery orientation, analogical reasoning, and organizational ambidexterity

Thursday 16 May (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Mona Koushan, PhD confirmation seminar
Topic: Surgery cancellations: causes, hospital-related strategies

Thursday 2 May (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Dao Quynh Anh, PhD confirmation seminar
Topic: Impacts of cultural distance on cooperation in international joint ventures

Thursday 17 April (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Associate Professor Sara Walton and Dr Jeff Foote
Topic: Common Grounds: Stakeholder perceptions of land use at Macraes

Thursday 21 March (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Regina Maniam
Topic: Unconditional Reciprocity: The Unacknowledged Dimension of Social Capital

Thursday 21 February (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Dr Tadhg Ryan Charleton
Topic: Revisiting the Dynamics of Coopetition Relationships: Implications of Simultaneous Competition for Strength of Cooperation

Monday 10 December (11-12) OBS 231
Presenter: Professor Ed Ng, Rowe School of Business, Canada
Topic: Perceived Discrimination, Racial Stress, and White Fragility

Thursday 29 November (12-1) OBS 231
Presenter: Douglas Wang, PhD confirmation seminar
Topic: Mastery orientation, analogical reasoning, and organizational ambidexterity: The moderating effect of HRM practices

Thursday 22 November (12-1 pm) OBS 231
Presenter: Dr Annie Zhang
Topic: Does ambidexterity matter in a context of green brand? A sequential mediation and a configurational approach

Wednesday 14 November (12-1 pm) OBS 231
Presenter: Professor Christina Cregan, University of Melbourne
Topic: Marginalised workers: Street-worker and immigrant garment homeworkers

Thursday 8 November (12-1 pm) OBS 201
Presenter: Dr Conor O'Kane
Topic: Principal Investigators' Strategizing for Micro to Macro Value Creation

Thursday 25 October (12-1 pm) OBS 231
Presenter: Dr Jeff Foote
Topic: Co-designing a transformed system to address family violence in New Zealand

Thursday 27 September (12-1 pm) OBS 231
Presenter: Brad Watson, PhD candidate
Topic: Pacific Leadership through a Migratory Lens

Thursday 23 August (12-1 pm), OBS 231
Presenter: Aleena Abbas,PhD confirmation seminar
Topic: Adopting a multi-stakeholder lens: The roles of green employer branding, green HRM and green innovation performance to achieve
organizational outcomes.

Monday 16 July* (1-2 pm), OBS 231
Presenter: Professor Rebecca Bennett, Visiting JA Valentine Professor
Topic: TBA

Thursday 12 July (12-1), OBS231
Presenter: Regina Maniam
Topic: Retroduction: The Lesser Known Side of Abduction

Thursday, 14 June  (12-1pm), OBS231
Presenter: Dr Beverley McNally, Assistant Professor at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Al Khobar Saudi Arabia
Topic: Dr McNally will be talking about how strategic initiatives in Saudi Arabia are changing the workplace especially for women and youth.

Thursday 29 March (12-1pm), OBS231
Presenter: Angela Howell - will be sharing knowledge she gained at an assessing learning conference
Topic: TBA

Monday 12th March* (1-2.30pm), OBS231
Jean M Forray, co-editor at Journal of Management
Publishing from teaching

Monday 15 January*
(12-1pm), OBS231
Presenter: Dr Abraham Zhang, AUT
Topic: New frontiers of social and environmental sustainability research: a supply chain perspective

Previous years' seminars

View details of previous years' seminars (PDF, 136KB)