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Master's Candidates – recently completed

Master of Commerce (MCom) in Management students carry out detailed research into Management – from a range of perspectives.

Management Masters’ research includes study into cultural diversity, social capital, and management of business partnerships. Take a look at our recently completed MCom research themes below (in alphabetical order).

Tabian Ambang (2005). The relationship between indigenous and western leadership systems at the local level in the contemporary governance systems of Papua New Guinea. (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Malcolm Cone)

Gao Chen (2017). Strategies in Initial Stage of International Entrepreneurship in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Chinese Ethnic Entrepreneurship in New Zealand. (Supervisor: André Everett)

Bradley Curnow (2007). Social capital in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Lima, Peru. (Supervisors: Jodyanne Kirkwood, Tony Binns)

Shiraani Fathimath (2015). HRM and Performance in the Higher Education Sector. (Supervisor: Fiona Edgar)

Eleanor Hinds (2012). Comparing the cultural patterns of China and India. (Supervisors: Malcolm Cone, André Everett)

Kelly Honey (submitted 2013). Assessing the real value of the interest based approach to bargaining. (Supervisors: Ian McAndrew, Alan Geare, Cheryl Rivers)

Abbe Hyde (2015). Entrepreneurship for future transport. (Supervisor: Sara Walton)

Ben Lawrie - The impact that online ratification procedures for collective bargaining agreements have on negotiations, compared to the traditional procedures. (Supervisor: Ian McAndrew)

Sylvie Leduc (2012). Workplace stress: The determinants of coping strategies. (Supervisor: Alan Geare)

Regina Maniam (2014). Roles of Universities in Clusters – The University of Otago and the Dunedin ICT Cluster. (Supervisor: André Everett, Conor O'Kane)

Esther Ngocha-Chaderopa (2014). Management implications of cultural diversity: A case study of New Zealand's hospital service sector. (Supervisors: Bronwyn Boon, Ian McAndrew)

Andy Patterson (2010). Employment ideology and grievance adjudication.(Supervisor: Ian McAndrew)

Matt Porteous (2012). Managing New Zealand-China business collaboration at the personal (and personnel) level. (Supervisor: André Everett)

Gareth Rees (2011). The introduction of lean thinking in an emergency department in New Zealand. (Supervisor: Richard Greatbanks)

Mubshra Sattar (2018). Leadership, Employee Well-being and Life Happiness - Does Ethical Leadership Create Happy Workers? (Supervisors Steven Grover, Diane Ruwhiu)

Lenny Sunaryo (2005). Managing a complex environment - social cultural perspectives. The case of Indonesia. (Supervisor: Malcolm Cone)

Rhonda Schlaadt (2009). Retirement for New Zealanders in 2025. (Supervisors: Graham Elkin, Alan Geare)

Josephine Tan (2018). Organisational Ambidexterity. (Supervisors: Conor O'Kane, Jing (Annie) Zhang)

Stephanie Thiebault (2007). Managing the extension of luxury fashion brands’ image when ‘marketing’ global brands to a mature vs. developing market: the case of Paris vs. Shanghai. (Supervisors: André Everett, Kim Fam)

Sasha Westropp (2014). Expatriate cross-cultural adaption: A study of adult third-culture kids working as expatriates in Singapore. (Supervisor: André Everett)

Jonathon Yu (2008). Pirates in cyberspace: Online narratives of resistance to corporate hegemony in the recording industry. (Supervisor: Malcolm Lewis)

Jane Zhuang (2011). Grounded in heritage: An exploration of traditional cultural clusters in China – The case of the Jingdezhen porcelain cluster (Supervisor: André Everett)

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