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Mashkoor Ahmad – PhD candidate

Room: OBS 707


Succession decisions for founders of family businesses.


Mashkoor's supervisors are:


I have completed my Master in Economics, from department of economics, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, later I went to Australia to complete my Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Royal Melbourne institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia. After successful completion I came back to Pakistan to join my Family business, and for over 20 years I am serving my family business at the position of CEO for one of the company, and Director Sales & Marketing for three companies. Doing PhD. as an active businessman and a family person is quite difficult but not impossible. The study at this stage of life needs motivation beyond support and time. The motivation is the belief that this is it, now or never. It hit me in 2015, and I have not looked back.

Research Outline

Family Businesses (FB) are the dominant form of business association in the world. They are not only the source of employment in a country but also the major contributor in the country’s GDP. Around 70% of family businesses fail during transition from the first to the second generation. This is a huge loss to the economy and to the family members. Succession is highly researched and a major issue haunting the family businesses worldwide. Research revealed that the founder is the main architect and obstacle in the succession planning. I am applying the “Theory of Planned Behaviour” to approach the issue of succession, that how the founder’s chooses the successor for the continuity of the business. This research will employ a qualitative method to interview the founder members of the FB in Pakistan.

Publication/ Conferences

Ahmad, M. (2015). Succession decision for founders of the family businesses, paper presented at the Australia and New Zealand academy of management (ANZAM) conference, Queenstown, New Zealand
Ahmad, M. (2015). Interpersonal trust in family businesses, paper presented at the Australia and New Zealand academy of management (ANZAM) conference, Queenstown, New Zealand.
Ahmad, M. (2016), Entrepreneurial Education, Academic linkage for the Industry, paper presented at the Value Creation and Entrepreneurship Education, A British council-HEC knowledge economy partnership Symposium, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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