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Nana Bortsie-Aryee – PhD candidate – under examination



Water Footprinting: Theory to Reality – Building competitive advantage around water.

Research Outline

According to industry experts in agribusiness in and out of New Zealand, New Zealand already has a competitive edge when it comes to using a cleaner environment and cleaner production as a selling point or as part of business strategy. However, a cleaner environment comprises many components including air, water, soil and other parts of the earth’s ecosystem. The story of water management in New Zealand agribusinesses is a good resource around which competitive advantage can be built. However, the question remains: ‘how can this competitive advantage be built?’ My research explores the most advantageous ways of building competitive advantage around water using approaches like water footprinting.


Nana's supervisors are:

Publications and/or Conferences

Bortsie-Aryee, N., Fennessy, P., O'Kane, C., & Walton, S. (forthcoming). Pollution prevention through water footprint management from a natural resource based view: key resources that are combined among top environmentally proactive livestock farmers in New Zealand. International Journal of Business Research.

Halog A. and Bortsie – Aryee N. A (2013) The Need for Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis of Biofuel Supply Chains. Book Chapter. Biofuels Book 2. ISBN 980-953-307-471-4

Bortsie - Aryee N. A (2012) Complementing Carbon Hoofprint with Water Footprinting-An Integrated Approach to Achieving Long Term Sustainability. Presentation at 1st New Zealand Student Symposium on Life Cycle Management. October 2012. Palmerston North, New Zealand.


Prior to coming to New Zealand, I worked in the consulting industry in Germany as a project coordinator (2009 – 2011) and business developer on international development projects, such as World Bank projects in the field of water and environment. I also worked in the USA in environment and bioenergy development (2011 – 2012). I have a bachelor in Agribusiness management and Masters in Environmental Policy Administration and International Material Flow Management.

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