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Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) in Management

The Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) in Management offers you a great opportunity to diversify your current degree, retrain, or update your existing qualifications

You may also find the DipGrad in Management a useful bridge to postgraduate study. It can be tailored to suit your needs, but does require a prescribed number of points at each level.

Why study for a DipGrad in Management?

Students and graduates value the DipGrad for the flexibility it provides. The DipGrad can be taken in any combination of subjects, and to meet a variety of needs.

Studying towards, or already hold, a BA, BSc, or BPhEd?

A DipGrad in Management is a great way for BA, BSc or BPhEd students to improve the marketability of their degrees. The course of study may be taken in any subject or combination of subjects, depending on prior experiences and qualifications.

Studying for a BCom in Management and want to diversify your degree?

The DipGrad is also an option for BCom in Management students who still have to complete 18 to 36 points for their degree. By taking a further 120 points they will graduate BCom, DipGrad.

Looking to Study for a postgraduate qualification?

Outstanding DipGrad students who do at least 72 points at 300-level with B+ average can go on to PGDipCom and then MBus or MCom if they wish. However these students must take MANT414.

What are the entry requirements for a DipGrad in Management?

Admission to the course is subject to the approval of the Senate. Candidates for the DipGrad must have either:

  • Been admitted to a degree or a diploma of a University in New Zealand


  • Submitted evidence satisfactory to the Senate of previous training and experience appropriate to the planned course of study

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Contact the DipGrad Course Director

To gain entry to the DipGrad in Management programme you will need approval from the DipGrad Course Director and the Head of Department in Management.


Read more information on the Diploma for Graduates programme.

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What is the structure of the DipGrad programme?

The Course Director and departments concerned will help you decide the papers to be included in your DipGrad. Your DipGrad can be personalised to meet your individual requirements as long as it constitutes a coherent, integrated academic programme. DipGrad in Management students are exempt from studying BSNS105.

All DipGrads must contain:

  • Papers worth at least 120 points
  • At least 72 points at or above 300-level

The DipGrad can either be ‘Endorsed’ or not:

  • Endorsed: To have your DipGrad endorsed in a single subject, it must contain 54 points or more at 300-level in your major (Management)
  • Not Endorsed: If papers covering a variety of subjects are taken, then these can be credited towards a DipGrad without a specific subject endorsement

This programme may be completed by full-time candidates in one year or by part-time candidates over more than one year.

Read more information on the Diploma for Graduates programme.

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