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BCom(Hons) in Management

Interested in enhancing your employment prospects, or preparing for more advanced study?

The Bachelor of Commerce with Honours – BCom(Hons) – is a one year postgraduate programme which can be taken by meritorious students. The degree involves intensive study, culminating with the completion of a research dissertation.

The Honours programme in Management offers self-motivated students of above-average capability the opportunity to:

  • Further develop skills of analysis, criticism and expression
  • Think constructively, and develop and defend their own points of view
  • Gain a full appreciation of their chosen discipline
  • Develop and use research skills

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Entry requirements

To gain admission to our BCom(Hons) programme in Management, students must have:

  • Completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree
  • Majored in the subject or subjects of study proposed
  • Achieved an average grade of at least B+ for the appropriate 300-level papers

In most cases, specific papers must have been passed as part of, or in addition to, the major subject requirements in the BCom programme. The Honours programme must be completed in one year of full-time study.

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The honours dissertation: MANT480

Every candidate for Honours has to prepare a dissertation (approximately 15,000 words).

The value of writing a dissertation is that it:

  • Provides an opportunity to investigate, in some depth, areas of business activity in which the student is interested
  • Enables students to work closely with a member of staff on a topic of interest
  • Allows experience of carrying out research of a more advanced level
  • Provides a substantial achievement in terms of work which can be shown to prospective employers
  • May be used as preparation for a MCom or PhD proposal

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MANT480: expectations

MANT480 (BCom(Hons)) is a theoretical dissertation and may take the following formats.

‘Library-based’ survey

You may undertake a 'library-based' survey which critiques the literature on a topic, and makes a contribution to theory. We would expect you to thoroughly investigate the literature on a topic after negotiating the research methodology and reporting format with your supervisor.

Example: You undertake a study like "Significant determinants of employee loyalty". The focus of the dissertation is the development of theory. This is a high risk option.

Empirical research not conducted in any specific organisation

The focus of the dissertation is the primary research, supported by the literature review. While the dissertation may prove useful to a wide variety of users in the industry of your choice, no particular provider would have commissioned it. We would expect you to negotiate the methodology and reporting format with your supervisor.

Example: You undertake a study like "An empirical investigation of employee loyalty in the New Zealand Health Sector". We would expect you to perhaps survey a wide variety of people involved in Health provision and to draw conclusions from that data.

Empirical research conducted in an organisation

You would need to develop an appropriate methodology for gathering the data and writing a dissertation acceptable at senior management level for the sponsoring organisation. We would expect you to negotiate the methodology and reporting format with your supervisor. The focus of the dissertation is primary research, supported by the literature review.

Example: You undertake a study like "An empirical investigation of employee loyalty at Dunedin Hospital".

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All students enrolled in MANT400- level papers must attend a meeting with Drs Annie Zhang and Paula O’Kane on 24 February 2017, 2.30pm - 4.30pm in the Divisional Boardroom (CO219/220). This meeting is compulsory and is followed by a Department social get-together.

A regular 'class time' will be negotiated for this group of students to meet thereafter. The purpose of forming such a class is to provide:

  • A support network
  • An infrastructure for ensuring that research topics are carefully chosen and meet the specified requirements

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A committee of fourth year examiners awards final marks. Any grades suggested by the teacher or supervisor are subject to change - both up and down. This process looks across an individual's record and also across the average marks for particular papers.

There is always a second examiner for dissertations and projects. Ten percent of dissertations and projects will be subject to moderation for the purposes of quality control, after the event (marks will not be affected).

The dissertation is submitted by 21 October and students graduate with a BCom(Hons):

First Class: 80% and over
Second Class, Division 1: 73 - 79%
Second Class, Division 2: 65 - 72%
Third Class: 50 - 64%

Read more information - including application details - on the University of Otago website.

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MANT 480: important deadlines

Please note the following due dates for MANT480.

Expression of interest: Friday 5 May 2017
Draft to be handed in to supervisor: 5pm, Friday 15 September 2017
Final submission: 5pm, Friday 20 October 2017

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