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Undergraduate study in Management

Advance your career with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Management

A Management major is an essential component for all those who wish to participate and succeed in the business or organisational world because the management role is critical to both economic performance and human satisfaction in the workplace.

The BCom with a major in Management is a three year undergraduate degree. There is no formal background required. Communication skills are important in Management, so strong English skills are useful.

BCom qualification information.

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What will I study in a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Management?

During your BCom, you will study a variety of Management topics and gain insight into a wide range of Management and business disciplines.

As part of your Management major you will study BSNS105 (Management and Organisations). This is a foundation for all the areas of Management:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Communications
  • Employment Relations
  • Operations Management
  • Organisational Theory

To complete a BCom you need to pass papers totalling a minimum of 360 points, including all the core business papers as outlined below. At least 180 of those points must be above 100-level with a minimum of 72 points at 300-level. A maximum of 90 non-Commerce points can be credited towards your BCom.

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A major in Management must include:

In addition to completing the requirements of your Management major, all students starting a BCom or BCom(Hons) must also complete the following core commerce papers.

* At least three of these papers must be passed before enrolling in any 200-level Commerce paper, and all must be passed before enrolling in any 300-level Commerce paper. For single-degree BCom students, all five must be attempted in the first year of study or equivalent.

For students enrolled in a BCom programme before 2017

In 2017 the required 100-level papers for all BCom programmes changed from BSNS 102-108 to BSNS 111-115. BCom students who first enrolled in 2016 or earlier will normally complete the programme under the regulations in force when they first enrolled.

If you need to complete any of BSNS 102-108 the equivalent papers from 2017 onwards are:

Papers required before 2017Equivalent from 2017 onwards
BSNS 102BSNS 112
BSNS 103MART 112
BSNS 104BSNS 113
BSNS 105BSNS 111 or MANT 101
BSNS 106COMP 111 (recommended) or COMP 101
BSNS 107BSNS 115
BSNS 108BSNS 114

If none of the above options are available to you, you will need to seek advice from the Associate Dean (Academic) for the School of Business in order to decide on an appropriate paper or papers to use instead.

Additional information regarding Transitional Arrangements for new Otago BCom core papers can be found on the Otago Business School website.

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Management with other subjects

Trying to decide between a major in Management and another subject area, but not sure which to choose? You don’t have to!

Study for a double major in Management. Combine your interests and improve your career prospects.

Popular double major options include:

  • BCom (Management) and BPhEd
  • BCom (Management) and BAppSc
  • BCom (Management) and BA
  • BCom (Management) and BSc

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