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What people say about our
science extension and enrichment programmes

Student Comments:

“I’m not a freak here.”

“It's real.”

“Mentors know heaps about the subject yet are learning at the same time as us.”

“ Less formal (than at school) but we have more responsibility (to define and do the work).”

“At school I do all the work whereas here with this team everyone can do the work.“

"The best thing about Marine Camp was realising that science is cool. And that I'm good at it, sort of. Before this camp I hated science and saw myself as creative and intelligent at music and stuff, but not science. What changed my mind? Doing it! And also Daniel, our mentor - he was so passionate about his work he made us passionate too."

Teacher Comments:

“It (the learning) is right across the board—the first three or so days is very science based. By the end it includes languages, performing arts. sound and oral communication, visual communication, public speaking and working as a team.”

“The skills will transfer back into any subject - information skills, information technology. “

“They see possibilities of careers opportunities in science. Before they (might have) liked it but now they know what hands on research is all about. “

“Their confidence has just gone through the roof. (The experience is) taking away the constraint of being the bright one.”

“For me it has been definitely PD: observing how you run things, seeing the kids involved and meeting other teachers of gifted students."

“Wow, what an experience for the girls! The trip has been the talk of the school...“

“It was a truly challenging and educationally, very informative programme of work. I was most impressed with it...“

Parent Comments:

“She hasn’t stopped talking about it since.”

“Was it worthwhile? Yes, because Y enjoyed the hands on experience in a small group situation away from the classroom."

“As to the Portobello trip, Z loved it. Highlights expressed to us, aside from the social aspects of spending time with fellow geeks, and the fun of the trip there and back, were as follows, not in order of importance: seeing the marine creatures in their natural environment, as well as in the aquarium, and being able to handle them, dissecting animals, devising their own experiments, and working in groups, learning."