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What is happening on the wharf today?

From the wharf-cam at Portobello check out the harbour and island views.  See what boats are in and what's going on at the end of the wharf.

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Discussion topics


University research vessels use the wharf as well as small boats ferrying passengers and school groups to and from Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua.  You are likely to see the research vessels Polaris II and Beryl Brewin when they are moored at the end of the wharf or being loaded up ready for research trips.  The Polaris can take researchers down to the Sub-Antarctic Islands.  The Beryl Brewin is used for local expeditions and travels as far as Fiordland.



Plankton nets are set off the wharf to collect zooplankton to feed the aimals in the aquarium tanks.  Animals such as seahorses need to be fed with fresh zooplankton every day.  Plankton nets are also used from the University reserch vessels to capture snapshots of what is living in the ocean.


  • Watch this space for a video about how the aquarists catch plankton

What's in the water?

On the wharf and the water's surface you may see seabirds that have been feeding on small fish and krill.  You may be lucky enough to spot a dolphin or sea lion passing by too!  What do you think lives below the surface?



If you check the Wharf-cam at regular intervals you will notice the rise and fall of the tides against the wharf and the shore.  Can you spot the small water level sensor that is attached to the shed on the wharf?  What happens to animals in the intertidal zone?