The Department of Marine Science oversees five vessels in safe ship management which are available for research and teaching activities.

The largest vessel, RV Polaris II (21 m), can work unsupported around the New Zealand Coastline including the Chatham and Subantarctic islands, has a range of specialised equipment and can support a range of oceanographic research.

Although it has limited capabilities and very limited overnight accommodation, the RV Beryl Brewin (10m) is a more cost-effective vessel for working in inshore waters. She can support restricted oceanographic work and bottom sampling, as well as functioning as a dive platform.

The RV Typhoon (6.8 m) based in Fiordland, RV Naiad (6.3m) based in Stewart Island and RV Tawera (6 m) based in Otago Harbour are available for day use to support limited sampling and small groups. These vessels can be hauled by trailer to other locations if needed.

Bookings for vessels are requested in advance each September for the following year, although we accept bookings whenever we can. For more information or to join our booking system, please email Helen Dunn.

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