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Professor Miles Lamare

Kaiawhina - Māori Student Support Liaison

Contact DetailsMilesLamare

Office 310 Castle Street, room 103
Tel +64 3 479 7463
Mob +64 21 279 7463

Academic Qualifications

BSc Hons, PhD(Otago)

Research Interests

I have research interests in marine ecology, population biology, marine invertebrate biology, and the ecology and physiology of marine invertebrate larval stages. I have an interest in Antarctic marine invertebrates, and how their physiology differs to temperate and tropical species. I am also interested in the ecology of fiord invertebrate populations. Recent research has been conducted in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, New Zealand, Samoa and the Cook Islands.


  • MARI 112 Marine Biology: The Living Ocean
  • MARI 202 Ecology and Biology of Marine Invertebrates
  • MARI 301 Marine Ecology and Ecosystems
  • MARI 401 Advanced Methods in Marine Science
  • MARI 431 Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science

Research Projects

  • Effects of climate change (Ozone depletion, sea ice retreat, ocean warming and acidification) on marine invertebrate larvae. This project is funded by Antarctic Science Platform
  • Adaptive potential in echinoderms This project is funded by the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute
  • Photobiology of marine invertebrate larvae
  • DNA repair in sea urchin larvae
  • eDNA as a tool for monitoring marine biodiversity and invasive species. This project is in collaboration with Professor Neil Gemmell Lab (Anatomy)
  • Boundary layers, biofilms and newly settled marine invertebrates
  • The molecular control of regeneration in ascidians.  This project is in collaboration with Associate Professor Megan Wilson (Anatomy) and funded by the Marsden Fund
  • Echinoderm ecology

Postgraduate Students

  • Paulo F Lagos, PhD: Investigating the response of the krill Nyctiphanes australis (Euphausiacea) to stress caused by environmental change: a dynamic energy budget approach.
  • Uru-Manuka Williams, MSc: The effects of sedimentation on the physiology of NZ living Brachiopods.
  • Tom Massué, MSc: Effect of temperature rise (+2°C and +4°C) on a benthic assemblage community in New Zealand marine shallows: an in-situ approach.
  • Scott Roche-Dick, MSc: Transgenerational adaptation to ocean warming and marine heat waves in the Antarctic Sea Star, Odontaster validus.
  • Frances Perry, MSc: Will New Zealand kelp associated invertebrates survive in a warmer Antarctica.
  • Georgia Taylor, MSc: Arm generation in the brittle star under changing temperatures.
  • Roberta Noon, MSc: Physiological acclimation of the Antarctica sea star to climate change.
  • Jessica Moffitt, PhD: Temperate and polar marine communities’ responses to ocean warming: An assessment using in situ environmental manipulations.
  • Pamelo Olmedo Rojas, PhD: Environmental drivers of evolution for Antarctic terrestrial organisms.
  • Rebecca Clarke, PhD: A whole new body in only 8 days.
  • Scott Lockwood, PhD: Modelling the marine methane paradox under phytoplankton bloom conditions.