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Dr Christina Riesselman

Contact DetailsChristinaRiesselman

Office: (Marine Science) 310 Castle Street, room 105, (Geology) room GN1
Tel: (Marine Science) 64 3 479-5621, (Geology) 64 3 479-7505

Academic Qualifications

BA (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
PhD (Stanford University)

Research Interests

  • Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimate
  • Antarctic climate evolution
  • Micropaleontology (diatoms)
  • Geochemical proxies of paleoenvironmental change

I am a paleoceanographer with a focus on Southern Ocean response to changing climate. My research uses stable isotope geochemistry and diatom micropaleontology in marine sediments to examine the evolution of the Antarctic cryosphere through the Cenozoic. In support of these aims, I also participate in collaborative investigations into the modern controls on phytoplankton community structure. This modern-process research underscores the role of biogenic marine sedimentation as a uniquely sensitive recorder of past conditions, both geochemically and from an assemblage-based perspective.


Photo Caption: Examining the sediment-water interface aboard the RVIB Nathanial B. Palmer. Credit: R. Stevens


  • EAOS111 Earth and Ocean Science (course coordinator)
  • MARI 112 Global Marine Systems
  • GEOL 262/362 Geochemistry
  • GEOL 302 Independent Field Studies
  • OCEN 301 Practical and Field Oceanography
  • OCEN 323 Marine Geology and Geophysics (course coordinator)
  • GEOL 427 Paleobiodiversity, Paleooceanography and Stratigraphy
  • MARI 431 Antarctic Marine Biology

Postgraduate Students

Jacob Anderson - Thesis Title (PhD): Determining Antarctica’s terrestrial climate history from microbial populations in permafrost