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MARI202 Marine Invertebrate Ecology and Biology

Semester Two, 18 points
Lectures: Monday and Tuesday at 1 pm
Labs: Thursday or Friday 2-6pm
Prerequisites: BIOL 112

Course Coordinator: Professor Miles Lamare –

Marine invertebrates are astoundingly diverse and interesting, conspicuous in every marine environment on the planet. MARI202 introduces students to the diversity of marine invertebrate life, with emphasis on examples from the New Zealand region. The different marine invertebrate groups are introduced through examination of their evolution and phylogenetic relationships. Students explore adaptations of invertebrate groups to the marine environment in terms of comparative physiology and body architecture. A section on reproduction, development, larval forms and larval ecology highlights the diversity of reproductive patterns among marine invertebrates. Next we consider adaptations of invertebrates to specific marine environments (e.g. polar, deep, and tropical) to demonstrate the diversity of ecological and biological problems and solutions found in the marine environment. Lastly, we examine the impacts of humans on marine invertebrates, and vice versa (invasive species, aquaculture, fisheries, conservation) with an emphasis on how the basic biology of marine invertebrates influences these interactions.

Download course outline here