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Potential research areas for students

Marketing at Otago has a range of exciting potential research areas for postgraduate students

Take a look at the list below of the current research areas, and the staff member in charge of each area, available to students within the Department.

The socialisation of young consumers

The commercialisation of childhood is an important area of concern in a society where materialistic values are becoming the norm and pressures to consume are increasing.

Staff Contact: Professor Rob Aitken

Place Branding

Understanding and measuring the ways that place identity can create stakeholder value and the complexities of managing place brands to enhance brand equity and resident satisfaction.

Staff Contact: Dr Andrea Insch

Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Container Labelling

It is a legal requirement to include standard drink information on alcohol containers in New Zealand. Standard drink information is intended to assist consumers to drink responsibly. However, this is based on a number of assumptions including: consumers know what a standard drink is; consumers know what responsible drinking is; and consumers want to drink responsibly.

Staff Contact: Associate Professor Kirsten Robertson

Consumer Culture and Behaviour

Three research themes are currently being undertaken in this area: The Cruise Tourist, Children and consumption and Authenticity and heritage attractions.

Staff Contact: Professor Maree Thyne

Low Involvement Consumer Decision Processes

These are decisions that are every day and that are not individually important to us. The processes by which we make them are subconscious and mysterious not only to marketers, but to the decision makers too. The mechanics of them are not well understood.

Staff Contact: Dr Rob Hamlin

Consumption Behaviour

Understanding youth consumption behaviours, and exploring the socialisation of young
consumers by parents, the media, finance and consumer goods industries.

Staff Contact: Associate Professor Lisa McNeill

Social Behaviour and the Application of Technology in Marketing and Business Solutions

Three particular areas of interest: Quality of Life, Bornefree (an intervention project aimed at modifying binge and heavy drinking in women of childbearing age through social media) and digital marketing.

Staff Contact: Dr Mathew Parackal

Culture and Consumer Behaviour

Specifically the influence of culture on consumption and cross cultural research methodologies. Current projects include a study on the development of materialistic values among children, sustainability labelling issues and the NZ consumer lifestyle study.

Staff Contact: Dr Leah Watkins

Social and Ethical Issues in Marketing and Business

Business models for the 3 Rs, triple bottom line, consumer acceptance of the 3 Rs.

Staff Contact: Dr John Williams

Feminine Identity and Consumption

The intersection between learning how to be female and using resources from the marketplace to perform an attractive feminine identity and a predominately masculine consumption community (mountaineering) provides a site of conflict, tension and potential. Service provision in this area wishing to exploit the potential must pay particular attention to understanding the nuances in the current marketplace. This ethnographic study investigates community practice (on the rock face), on line community interaction and in depth conversations with experienced participants.

Staff Contact: Dr Shelagh Ferguson