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Sabeehuddin Hasan

PhD Research Student

Title of Research: Drivers of Ethical Consumption: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Sabeeh Hassan - smallQualifications: BS (Computer Science) National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan &  MBA (Marketing), University of Central Punjab, Pakistan

PhD Start Date: November 2016

Supervisors: Associate Professor Ben Wooliscroft & Dr Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft


Research Summary: The main purpose of this thesis is to make a comparison of the ethical consumption habits of the consumers residing in two dissimilar cultures and different economies. The countries chosen for this study are Pakistan and New Zealand. While New Zealand is a developed country with improved economy, Pakistan is a developing country with little per capita GDP. Furthermore, Pakistan is a highly collectivist society with large power distance and strong uncertainty avoidance. On the other hand, New Zealand has an individualist culture having low power distance and weak uncertainty avoidance. The comparison of the consumers in these two countries can thus be generalized to that of rich and poor or developed and developing nations. It is therefore necessary to investigate the motivations deriving ethical consumption, the core values driving these motivations and their level of importance for consumers living in different cultures.

Research Interests: Ethical Consumption, Qualitative Research Methods