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Research students: Marketing

Our postgraduate students benefit from Marketing at Otago's strong reputation for research-led teaching

The Department is large and comprised of staff from around the globe with a variety of research interests. We supervise a significant number of postgraduate students, in a wide range of topics.

Take a look at the list of postgraduate students and their topics below:

Current Marketing PhD candidates

Shabana Ali: Co-creating sustainable Business to Business relationships: An Integrated Framework

Mohammad Al Haj Eid: Conceptualising the social dimension of circular economy

Quynh Anh Đào: Managing cultural differences in International Joint Venture and the role of Social Identity Theory

Arezoo Fakhimi: Customer service experience of AI-based organizational frontlines

Parham Jafari Moghadam Fard: Strategic social media framework for B2B integrated marketing communication

Khaled Ahmed Ali Ibrahim: Social Media News: Investigation of the determinants of purchase intentions and the moderating roles of source credibility and ethnocentrism

Siqiao (Amy) Luan: The development of dynamic capabilities through knowledge management process

Ha Hai Nguyen: Salesperson engagement with AI for Sales and Marketing Intelligence

Yen Nguyen: Undergraduate students’ lived experience and wellbeing: The case of higher education in New Zealand

Otila Osborne: Digging Deeper: An exploration of online gambling behaviours in older women and the role of social marketing

Mohd Sadiq: Sustainable Consumption: Antecedents and Consequences

Shu Han Tan: The influence of social presence on trust development within social commerce context

Kathy Zhang: Student Perspectives on E-learning in a University Setting

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Completed Marketing PhD graduates

Sabeeh Hasan: Drivers in Ethical Consumption: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Neda Khalil Zadeh: Consumers' informed decision-making in response to direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicines

Nikki Lloyd: Identity construction in online dating

Annesha Makhal: Consumers’ willingness to pay for ugly fruits and vegetables

Bernadette Samau: Expressions of Samoan womens' selves and their relationship to culture in two countries

Shabnam Seyed Mehdi: Experiencing place bonding: exploring differences between migrants, refugees and tourists

Shobhit Eusebius (2019): Customer-based brand equity in a digital age

Balkrushna Potdar (2019): Anticedents of employee guardianship behaviour within the retail context

Shanshan Luo (2019): Consumers and their brand love relationships

Rahul Argha Sen (2019): Informing the development of evidence-based and theory-driven alcohol counter-marketing campaigns

Khai Trieu Tran (2019): An Examination of Moderate Drinking in Two Different Drinking Cultures: Implications for Alcohol Social Marketing

Katayoun Zafar (2019): Building Resilience in Turbulent Environments. The Role of Relationship Marketing

Saifeddin Al-Imamy (2018): The effect of co-creation of value through augmented reality on customer perceived risk and trust

Donia Waseem (2018): Value co-creation: Role of actor’s competence and motivation

Fathimath Ibrahim (2017): Fuel Poverty in New Zealand

Masoud Karami: Opportunity Creation in the Internationalisation process of SMEs: Implications for Competitive Advantage

Kamer Yuksel: Changing nature of consumer promotions due to new media technologies and their impact on brand equity

Shijiao Chen: The obstacles in trust repair: a perspective of expectation discrepancy about crisis response

Kamal Rahmani: Memorable tourism experience and experiencing

Jamal Abarashi: New perspectives on democratisation in the luxury market: The role of consumers in marketplace expansion

Raymond Xia: The influence of face on consumption amongst youth in China

Cici He: The internationalisation process of Chinese privately-owned SMEs

Long Vo: The impact of psychic distance on retail buyers’ choice of foreign suppliers

Daniel Gnoth: Context and behaviour change: Measuring the effect of shifting house on habitual home heating behaviour

Christopher Stachowski: Developing the Japanese wine consumer market through regional branding.

Ken Sumida: An investigation of sports fans’ psychological ownership of their team.

Uli Knobloch (2015): An exploration of tourist experiences.

Prabash Edirisingha (2014): Setting up home – role of domestic material culture and practices in new identity formation.

Rosemarie Neuninger (2014): The role of awards on consumer decision making: a study of wine awards.

David Bishop (2013): Branding activity within not-for-profit organisations with particular reference to cause related marketing.

Sarah Forbes (2013): A methodological examination of a dominant physical activity questionnaire and health promotion implications.

Andriy Kovalenko (2013): Measuring effectiveness of negatively framed product placements.

Rob Mitchell (2013): Investigation of the potential for strategic benefits from the integration of the Market Orientation with Sustainable Development principles in corporate marketing management.

Svend Tolson: Is it possible to reliably measure economic impact using existing techniques?

Mark Avis (2012): Anthropomorphism, animism and metaphor in branding: applications and consequences.

Francisco Tigre Moura (2012): DMO websites towards a new perspective: the development of a consumer oriented concept.

Joe Chai (2012): An investigation of the influence of consumer acculturation in ethnic consumer–banking service provider relationships in New Zealand.

Marcus Schulz (2011): New mindsets for a service-oriented marketing.

Adriana Campelo (2011): How do small communities identify, utilize, and communicate cultural values in place branding imagery?

Ron Cuthbert (2011): Strategic planning in agricultural niche markets.

Francisco Conejo (2011): Brand personality scale using Rasch modelling.

Adeline Chua Phaik Harn (2011): The strategic value of corporate blogging.

Amit Paradkar (2011): Innovation and resources. A qualitative study of start-up entrepreneurial ventures through the lens of the resource-based view.

Aisha Boulanouar (2011): Myths and reality: Meaning in Moroccan Muslim women's dress.

David Ermen (2011): A framework for tourism destination marketing in networked destination structures.

Nicola Mutch (2011): Does power imbalance matter in corporate-nonprofit partnerships?

Sue Caple (2011): How collaboration among geographically proximate competitors enhances the prestige of their products and region.

Damien Mather (2011): Empirical generalisations of brand extension theory and the role of general linear mixed models.

Dr Ranga Chimhundu (2010): Manufacturer and retailer brands in FMCG product categories.

Dr Bodo Lang (2010): Word of mouth: What determines whether consumers talk more about satisfying or dissatisfying experiences.

Dr Jean-Baptiste Faucher (2010): Knowledge, leadership, and social energies in social complex adaptive organisations.

Dr Tim Breitbarth (2010): Corporate social responsibility in European MNEs.

Dr Kerry Kirkland (2010): Service recovery in business to business markets.

Dr Micael-Lee Johnstone (2010): Place identity within the retail environment.

Dr Geoffrey Tanakinjal (2010): Adoption of mobile marketing services: An innovation-decision process perspective.

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