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PhD Research Student

Raymond Xi 2017Title of research: The influence of face on consumption amongst youth in China.

Qualifications: MA (Marketing)(Durham)

PhD start date: July 2012

: Professor Juergen Gnoth & Dr Damien Mather


Raymond's research and publications


Raymond Xia has completed his Ph.D in 2016 and graduated in 2017. He now is working as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Otago Business School on DBA programme, teaching and coordinating. Raymond came from industry and still have continued connection with Business sector. He had had ten years working experience in commercial marketing, he was the head of marketing for RedBull in China prior to his Ph.D journey in NZ. He is currently a consultant for a couple of listed companies in China. He is also a committee of Dunedin Shanghai Association, dedicated to help collaboration of business, education and other communication between NZ and China.

His Ph.D thesis is looking into whether and how traditional values impact nowadays modern westernised consumption pattern in China, and its profound influence to future. He took a direct behaviour-related concept, Face, as a perspective. Face is s public social self, it plays as self-image and social influence in Chinese social life. When China opened to the rest of world and initiated economic reforms nearly 40 years ago, the abundant commodities as well as materialism values and lifestyles came into China from developed countries. The young Chinese, the one-child generation grew up in such wealthy, materialised environment are apparently different to the previous generations who came from the isolated central planned economic time. Hence, Raymond’s study is investigating the causes and effects of traditional socio-cultural concept ‘face’ among generations for a better understanding of Chinese consumers especially the youth. His research then came out with many substantial findings and predictions of future business in China.

Selected Journal articles

Zhenhua Xia, Jurgen Gnoth and Damien Mather (2018), Do traditions remain? The study of the Influence of Consumption Face on Chinese millennials versus prior generations. Journal of Social Psychology (accepted, in a revising stage)

Zhenhua Xia. (2011). Marketing communications on Micro-Blogging platform should deliver brand appeal (in Chinese). China Marketing, 426 (11).

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Zhenhua Xia, Clarify Expectations: the Role of Thesis Supervisors. “Education, Migration and Translation” Research Symposium, Dunedin, 26 Nov 2017

Zhenhua Xia, Chinese Market, consumers and business opportunities. North Asia CAPE workshop series, Dunedin, 22 Nov 2017

Zhenhua Xia, Chinese Face and ‘Consumption Face’: research of ‘face’ influence on consumption differentiated by generations. ANZMAC 2014, Brisbane, Australia, 2-3 Dec 2014.

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Z. XIA, D. Mather, J. Gnoth (forthcoming). Does face still matter to Chinese Young consumers for Product and Brand Purchase Decision? In proceedings of 2014 Academy of Marketing Conference (8-10 July 2014, Bournemouth, UK)