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Title of research: Investigation of the potential for strategic benefits from the integration of the Market Orientation with Sustainable Development principles in corporate marketing management.

Area of PhD research: Tourism marketing management

Qualifications: Master of Arts, Master of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Management, Graduate Diploma of Teaching

PhD start date: March 2006

Supervisors: Dr Ben Wooliscroft and Professor James Higham (Department of Tourism)


Rob's research and publications

Research aim

Market orientation has been a cornerstone for corporate marketing strategy since the middle of the 20th century. However, its concentration on internal economic efficiency has been a significant weakness. Stakeholder, corporate strategy, and marketing literature indicate that long run corporate performance may be handicapped by inadequate recognition of social and environmental considerations. Incorporation of the sustainable management paradigm offers a more comprehensive approach to corporate marketing strategy and a means to overcome this imbalance.

Rob Mitchell has reconceptualised market orientation to incorporate sustainable management principles. His PhD research involves the development of a model for Sustainable Market Orientation and an empirical investigation of its potential value in managing corporate strategy. The context for the first phase of Rob’s research is one of New Zealand ‘s most economically important sectors, tourism.


Mitchell, R., Wolliscroft, B. and Higham, J. (forthcoming, Vol 21, mid 2013). Applying Sustainability in National Park Management: Balancing Public and Private Interests using a Sustainable Market Orientation Model. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Mitchell, R. W., Wooliscroft, B., Higham, J. (2010). Sustainable market orientation: A new approach to managing marketing strategy. Journal of Macromarketing, 30(2), 160-170. doi:10.1177/0276146710361928