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PhD Research Student

Title of research: New mindsets for a service-oriented marketing

Area of PhD research: Relationships on all business levels, OEM, service-dominant (S-D) logic, co-creation, outsourcing, mindsets

Qualifications: Industry mechanic, Industrial engineer

PhD start date: July 2008

Supervisors: Associate Professor Juergen Gnoth and Dr Sergio Biggemann


Marcus's research and publications

Research aim

New, non-mainstream approaches to marketing react to a world that is more and more interconnected. The theory of the firm is developing away from neo-classical approaches towards knowledge-based constructs. Technological progress makes sure that hermeneutic circles are getting shorter. There is less space and time for a ‘planning- and analyzing mentality’. Holistic approaches to Marketing as offered by the Service – Dominant logic, the interaction model or the co-creation phenomenon dominate the marketing environment. Academics and practitioners agree on the importance of being interconnected. The new interconnected world challenges existing paradigms, such as the utility of patents or the confidentiality of corporate strategies.

I argue that the changing world of marketing has to be internalized on a personal level. An interconnected industry can only successfully work in the future if the individual recognizes super ordinate coherences and acts accordingly. Non-mainstream approaches to marketing support an interconnected worldview, they somehow inherently presume their necessity and existence.

This work shows that non-mainstream approaches to marketing have their roots in a pragmatic approach to an interconnected society and that this understanding is necessary to support a successful implementation of new marketing approaches. In a world of rapid changes, processes are becoming of key importance while outcomes are more seen as consequences of mutual satisfying processes.

A focus on processes favors the concept of intuition. Intuition is a well known concept in business. Nevertheless, there is no consensus on what intuition really is. A new definition of intuition will show us that an intuitive attitude supports non-mainstream approaches to marketing and pragmatic approaches to society. Furthermore, intuition will lead to a sustainable personal and business environment that, in turn favors new approaches to marketing.