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Dr Mathew Parackal, Senior Lecturer

BSc (Allahabad), MSc (Allahabad), PGDip (Massey), PhD (Massey)

Room: Otago Business School 4.35
Tel: +64 3 479 7696

Mathew is interested in studying social issues. In particular his focus has been on issues surrounding foetal alcohol syndrome in New Zealand. One of his mathewpstudies was directed at estimating the prevalence of drinking in pregnancy. This led him to the difficulties of post survey weightings used in survey research, when estimating such public issues. To resolve the difficulties, he developed a sampling method based on a geodemographic stratification. This sampling method was successful in producing samples that closely matched the target population on all key demographic variables, thus eliminating the requirement for post survey adjustments. The geodemographic stratification was designed for implementation in telephone surveys. Mathew has developed a web-based interview system called WATI to implement the geodemographic sampling method for New Zealand.

More recently he commenced a stream of research in relationship marketing. This research has carried his interest to a new field of neuro-marketing. He is attempting to study emotions such as trust and happiness in a relationship from a neuroscience perspective. As imaging technology such as fMRI becomes easily available, Mathew believes that research in marketing will take a new form of studying the human brain to understand consumer behaviour.

Mathew's expertise includes computer programming and he has developed a number of internet-based applications for marketing and research purposes. He advocates businesses to embrace technology to gain competitive advantage in the market. Internet marketing strategies that interest him include tribal marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimisation.

Mathew teaches the 300-level Sales & Sales Management and the 400-level Internet Marketing papers. He also supervises honours, postgraduate and PhD research projects. He has successfully provided supervision on topics such as branding, internet marketing, marketing research, relationship marketing, social marketing and international marketing.
He has a strong business background, having spent a number years in industry working for leading agrochemical companies and then running his own chemical business. He brings to the department a cross-cultural flavour having lived and worked in India, the United Arab Emirates and now in New Zealand.

Visit Mathew’s blog on the topics of tribal marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimisation.

Teaching responsibilities

Mathew’s teaching responsibilities include:

Office Hours

Mathew’s Office Hours are:
Tuesday: 1.00pm to 1.50pm

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