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Dr Azam Ali

Azam AliMSc (Chem. 1st Class), PhD (USM), Polymer & Material Sci. & Eng.

Tel: + 64 3 479 7456
Gregory Building, Room 3:03
Office hours: by arrangement

Dr. Azam Ali is a senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Sciences.

Azam specialises in biomaterials science and engineering. His research activities includes extraction and characterisation of biomaterials (e.g. proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, biologic tissues/collagen, etc.), understanding materials structure-functions and properties, designing/developing novel, advanced and nanostructure biomaterials & medical devices, functional packaging, formulation/coating and microencapsulation technology for health & wellbeing (both human and animal).

Internationally recognised as a biomaterials expert Azam has published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers, and many industrial (or clients) reports. At present he holds 18 international patents and patent specifications.

Some of the numerous products and product specifications Azam has developed (medical devices, approved FDA, TÜV, TGA, 510K, ISO 13485) are commercialized in NZ and have also obtained approval for use in the USA, EU and AU.

He was awarded the Bayer Year of the Innovators Awards 2010 in recognition of his significant science contribution to the Health and Science sector.

Azam has a BSc (Hons degree), MSc (1991) 1st Class in Organic Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University (JU), Dhaka, Bangladesh and a PhD degree (2000) in Polymer & Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Science (USM), Malaysia. He has worked in various institutes/Universities e.g., AgResearch (CRI), New Zealand; Uni. of North Carolina (UNCC) USA; Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH), South Korea; Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia; Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), Japan.

Advisor of studies

  • Postgraduate study in Bioengineering

Postgraduate supervision/co-supervision - recently completed


Mr. Seema Dean, Microbial cellulose biomaterial. Chemical Engineering, Co-supervisor: School of Engineering, University of Canterbury (Completed 2010)


Ms. Kalyani Ghorpade, Protein patterning onto a polymeric substrate School of Engineering, University of Canterbury) Completed March 2013)


Mr. Iman Mirhosseini,  Non-immunogenic nature of sheep wool keratin as biomaterials (Supervisors: School of Health Sciences & Centre for Bioengineering and Nanomedicine, University of Otago) Completed 2010

Current memberships

  • Australasian Society for Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering (ASBTE)
  • New Zealand Controlled Release Society (NZCRS)
  • Canterbury Medical Research Society (CMRS), New Zealand
  • Australasian Polymer Society (APS)

Research expertise

  • Biomaterials (including biologic materials)
  • Nanostructure biomaterials
  • Medical devices
  • Formulation/coatings, microencapsulation and control released technology
  • Fibre (including electrospinning technology & nanofibres) & Textile materials

Granted patents

  • Wound care medical products containing wool keratin, US patent No. 7732574 and European patent No. EP1694370
  • Biocomposite biomaterials containing biopolymer wool keratin, US patent No. 7767756
  • Bone void fillers and methods of making the same, US Patent 8142807
  • Porous keratin construct and method of making the same, US Patent 8124735 and European patent: EP2099437 A2
  • Porous Keratin constructs, wound healing assembles and method using the same, US patent US/2008 0317826 A1
  • Nanocomposite negative photoresists for next generation Lithography, US Patent No. 7049044 B2


Ghosh, A., Ali, M.A., (2012). Studies on physicochemical characteristics of chitosan derivatives with dicarboxylic acids. Journal of Materials Science, 47(3):1196-1204.

George J. Dias, Patricia Mahoney, Michael Swain, Robert J. Kelly, Robert A. Smith, Ali. M.A. (2010). Keratin– hydroxyapatite composites: Biocompatibility, osteointegration, and physical properties in an ovine model; Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A Vol. 95A, Issue 4, p. 1084-1095.

Ghosh, A., Ali, M. A., Luxmanan Selvanesan, George J Dias (2010). Structure-Function Characteristics of the Biomaterials based on milk-derived proteins; International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 46(4), p. 404-11.

Ghosh, A., Ali, M. A. and Richard Wall (2010). Modification of microstructural morphology and physical performance of chitosan films; International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 46(2), p.179-186.