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Undergraduate options

A decision has been made to disestablish the Centre for Materials Science and Technology, effective 31 December 2018.

Whilst we are taking no new enrolments for 2018, the University is committed to supporting current students through to the completion of their qualifications. Students currently enrolled in a BSc or BAppSc with a major or minor in CLTE will be able to complete their chosen programme of study in 2018 or 2019. In 2018, we anticipate little or no change to the programme of study offered to students who are currently entering 200- or 300-level study in Clothing and Textile Sciences (CLTE).

Students currently enrolled in majors in Clothing and Textile Sciences or Sports Technology or minors in Clothing and Textiles Sciences or Clothing, Textiles and the Human Environment will be able to choose from the following papers in 2019.

Papers on offer are:

Summer School
MATS204: Treasure or Trash: Sustainability of Materials.

Semester 1
CLTE303: Structural Properties of Materials and Products.

CLTE304: Textiles as Material Culture.

Semester 2
CLTE305: Materials and the Human.

CLTE306: Project in Clothing and Textile Sciences.

Please note that 2019 is the last year that we anticipate offering any CLTE papers as a result of the disestablishment of the Centre for Materials Science and Technology.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal course of study, contact Mark Wilesmith, Academic Manager, Division of Sciences.

Choosing and planning your qualification

Every undergraduate course, be it a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc), needs to be planned so you can progress from the 100-level to at least two major subjects. This provides you with the flexibility to change your path should you choose to do so.

Different degrees have different requirements, e.g. a BSc requires at least one major subject while a BAppSc requires a major and either a minor or second major. For help with planning an undergraduate course, see the University webpage or email us

Find out more about graduate careers here.

Clothing and Textile Science - Fibre, yarn, material science, and technology

Clothing and Textile Sciences (CLTE) can be studied as a major for either the BAppSc, BSc and BASc degrees.

The qualification you choose affects the other subjects included in your degree, and, in turn, the character and type of final qualification. Remember to consider your career aspirations and personal interests when planning.

The BAppSc requires candidates include a major plus a minor or second major. These subjects are selected from a variety of disciplines across business, arts, and science. Major and minor subject areas are listed in the BAppSc schedule of approved minor and second majors.

The BSc has no requirement for a second major or minor, however, you may chose to include a second major or minor. For the BSc your choice of second major or minor is constrained to subjects listed in the science schedule of subjects.

Clothing and Textile Sciences as a minor subject

Clothing and Textile Sciences (CLTE) can also be taken as a minor subject for a BA, BPA, BAppSc, BCom, BSc, BASc and BTheol. Clothing, Textiles and the Human Environment (CTHE) and Sports Technology (SPTE) also include Clothing and Textile Sciences papers.