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The career prospects at the end of the Otago MBA academic adventure for both domestic and international students are excellent. Our alumni are an illustrious bunch which the Otago MBA is proud of. Many of them progress on to be highly successful in their fields.

Among our most famous alumni is, of course, Graeme Hart, multi-billionaire and richest man in New Zealand. We celebrate his success with pride – inevitably so, since he developed his strategy for his business while at the Otago MBA.

A survey of our alumni painted an excellent picture. It showed that most of them found jobs within three months of graduation. With the versatility of the Otago MBA training, they established their careers in a wide range of industrial sectors and job functions all over the world.

Many take home six-figure salaries a year after graduation. Based on their salary figures and the low cost of undertaking the Otago MBA, most breakeven on their MBA investment within a year!

More importantly, they reported positive impacts on both their lives and careers.

Alumni career and salary survey

Check our our alumni survey to find out why students choose to pursue an Otago MBA:

Alumni career and salary survey

Post-study work visa for international students

If you want to stay and work in New Zealand after completing your Otago MBA adventure, you may be eligible for a work visa under Immigration New Zealand Study to Work category.

All applicants need to meet Immigration New Zealand health and character requirements. Visas are subject to Immigration New Zealand's approval.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information on working visas

Alumni profiles - first role post graduation

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