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Position MBA Manager
Previous position Online MBA Development Manager, University of Otago Business School
MBA Admissions Manager, University of Otago Business School
Education BA (Hons) Social Policy and Administration, Leeds Metropolitan University
Country of origin England

Responsibilities and goals 

Together with Laura (Programme Delivery Assistant), Susan works to make sure the MBA programme runs as smoothly as possible. This includes all of the day to day aspects from the time a student is accepted to the MBA programme, through to completion and graduation from the MBA. Susan and Laura work with academic staff and business leaders in the community to ensure the MBA programme is relevant and valuable to students undertaking our programme.

Reasons Susan enjoys working in the MBA programme

Susan enjoys getting to know students on our programme, and helping them to navigate study during their busy lives. Susan has worked at the Otago MBA for over 6 years in various roles, so is familiar with all aspects of the programme and can help to ensure each student's MBA experience is as smooth as possible. She enjoys meeting people from a diverse range of backgrounds, countries, cultures, and industries, and this is what makes the MBA programme so interesting each year.

Why does Susan think the Otago MBA is a great study experience?

Susan believes that the Otago MBA is a great programme because of the flexible pathways we offer. Additionally, our online MBA allows a level of flexibility that is great for people who cannot commit to full-time study, or do not want to commit to studying in one location.
Having lived in Dunedin for a few years, she loves this city and thinks that our on-campus programme is a great opportunity for students, especially as it is very much a University city. Because of this, Dunedin provides far more diversity of culture than would usually be found in a city of its size, and has all the benefits of city living but on a smaller scale with friendlier people, lower living costs, and with the great outdoors right on your doorstep!