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Student testimonials

Anup Mohan

Anup Mohan

Choosing to undertake a full time MBA (Master of business administration) programme is in itself an academically demanding and rigorous path. Anup Mohan has not only taken this challenge on, but he has chosen to move his life and his family from India to study for his MBA at Otago University. With so many MBA programme options available to him globally why did he choose Otago?

“It’s a really important decision and we need to get it right, Otago is the most logical choice for an international student wanting to do a business degree. None of the other universities offer anything similar, for example (another NZ university) has an MBA programme but it is only offered to residential students, and only on a part-time basis, it’s not a full time programme, so that just doesn’t work for international students. When it came to MBA colleges Otago really stood out for me.”

But it isn’t just the academic programme that attracted Anup to study here:

“I looked at other options in the USA, Asia, Canada, and Europe, and my decision also revolved around finding somewhere with a good work/life balance, a good environment.”

The pivotal point for Anup after doing his own research on finding the right MBA programme was that the Otago MBA came highly recommended by the people who had experienced the product first hand – the University of Otago alumni.

“My decision to come here was influenced primarily by alumni. I got in touch with them (alumni) through Linkedin and email and also set up a phone call. What they told me influenced my decision to come here.”

Ajinkya Gunjal

Ajinkya Gunjal

Ajinkya Gunjal’s journey to study for an MBA (Master of business administration) at The University of Otago began following a recommendation from an education agent in Mumbai, India:

“I met with representatives from a few other New Zealand Universities, but when I showed an interest in New Zealand the education agent suggested that I consider Otago. They also enabled me to contact current students to get a better idea of what was on offer.”

The high academic standard required to complete an Otago MBA appealed to Ajinkya:

“The Otago MBA stood out because it is a 240 credit course as opposed to others that offer 180 credits – this is a full MBA.”

And the accessibility to academic staff in the teaching environment was something that Ajinkya could not find at home:

“There are two schools from India that are listed in the top 100 universities for the financial times – one of those schools has one academic teaching 400 MBA students in each class, personally I didn’t want that, I wanted smaller classes. The ratio here at Otago
is 20:1, you get that personal attention here to carry onto the next level.”

The learning environment and the way in which the MBA programme is structured helps build both personal and professional strengths:

“In our class of twenty we work in groups of four, we learn how to interact with people, and each term these groups change. You get an idea of your own leadership style, how you work in a team and perform with different personalities. It’s more than a career option,
you build yourself personally too, it is a mix of both personal and professional.”