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Stephen Hickson

Area of specialisation
  • Economics
Faculty / key office
  • Teaching Fellow, University of Canterbury
  • BA (Economics)
  • MA(Hons) (Economics), University of Canterbury
  • Diploma of Secondary Teaching, Christchurch College of Education
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, University of Canterbury

An MBA course in economics is not there to create economists but to give you skills and practice in using the tools that economics brings – the lens if you like.  "Economics is the study of people in the ordinary business of life." (Alfred Marshal). A good MBA course in economics will leave you asking better questions and posing better answers.  If you want a good start then have a read of The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford (a personal favourite).

Teaching and industry experience

Stephen worked full-time for Statistics New Zealand for 13 years, including taking on the role of Census National Field Manager. At the same time, he taught part-time at the University of Canterbury, where since 2002 he has worked full-time. In 2012, he was awarded a national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award.

Why does Stephen like teaching in the MBA programme?

MBA students have opinions and views and love to share them. That makes it interesting to teach. Stephen loves to challenge those views and be challenged back. He enjoys those 'lightbulb' moments when a student realises that there is a useful perspective that they had not considered.

What global perspective is reflected in his course/teaching?

Economics is a global subject. There is the usual topics on the global economy and environment, the exchange rate, government policy and so forth.  But economics can be applied anywhere and everywhere.