About Mediation

Mediation at Otago is an informal process designed to resolve problems and differences as early as possible.

Mediation at Otago is

  • Voluntary – you and the other person(s) choose mediation
  • Confidential – records are not kept and no one need know mediation has occurred
  • A process where those with the problem work out solutions, with the help of the mediator

What happens in mediation?

  • Each person is able to state their perspective and to hear the perspective of the other person.
  • The emphasis is on identifying what went wrong in the past and then working out how things can work better for the future.
  • The role of the mediator is to support everyone involved to achieve an outcome that works for them.
  • The mediation takes the form of a conversation where difficulties and problems are discussed and resolved. The result is likely to be agreement about how to work together or do things in the future or about a solution. You may choose to have it written down and both oral and written agreements are confidential unless you and the other person agree to share them with someone else.
  • The mediator does not keep notes or records and nothing will be added to your (staff or student) records without your agreement.
University of Otago Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services