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Study Medical Laboratory Science at Otago Medical School

Medical Laboratory Science is a world of technology, science, and mystery.

Medical laboratory scientists and pathologists find answers to questions that are both routine and miraculous.

Does this tissue sample contain cancer? Is this unborn child developing normally? Is this drug effectively stopping the infection? Why did this man die?

Why study Medical Laboratory Science?

More than 70% of medical decisions made by physicians are based on laboratory findings.

Medical laboratory science teaches you how to:

  • Test for diseases related to blood, such as leukaemia and bleeding disorders
  • Test for changes in blood chemistry relating to illnesses like diabetes, drug abuse, cancer, and heart disease
  • Carry out microscopic analysis of tissues and cells to identify abnormalities observed in cancer biopsies and cervical smears
  • Isolate diseases caused by bacteria and viruses such as meningitis, hepatitis B infection, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  • Use blood products and blood group identification in patient treatment

More information about studying Medical Laboratory Science

Download the Medical Laboratory Science infosheet (PDF 190 KB) for more information about the following:

  • Background required
  • How to apply for the programme
  • Admission to the programme
  • Postgraduate study options

Please contact the Medical Laboratory Science course director for further information: