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The Medicine of the Future: A History of the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine

Medicine of the Future

By Warwick Brunton

The Department of Preventive & Social Medicine is a survivor of the pioneering era of public health in New Zealand. From tiny beginnings in 1886, the Department is now the largest in the University of Otago. This well illustrated history pays tribute to all those leaders and staff who have helped the Department to tackle the health challenges of yesteryear and today. The story is set amid the shifting ideas and issues of public health as they have been understood, studied and taught by staff of the Department over 125 years.The story is one of timely influence upon generations of future doctors and public health workers, teachers of medicine, health researchers, University decision-makers, leading policymakers and administrators in New Zealand's public health system, and international health organizations. Expertise, influence and networks have steadily stretched from local to national, then to Pacific and international horizons.

Anatomy of a Medical School: A History of Medicine at the University of Otago 1875-2000

Anatomy of a Medical School (book cover)

By Dr Dorothy Page

A Dose of Medical History

To historian Dr Dorothy Page, the overriding theme of the Otago School of Medical Sciences is one of growth.

When it opened its doors in 1875 it consisted of one professor and one student in a single classroom – and that professor resigned.

The first real class, two years later, had five students, doing a partial course. By the year 2000 the School, now spread over three superb campuses, was celebrating its 10,000th graduate.

This book can be purchased from the University Book Shop for $59.99.

The History of Anaesthesia in Dunedin Hospital

The History of Anaesthesia in Dunedin Hospital (book cover)

By Dr J I Clayton

This book outlines the development of anaesthesia and Dunedin Hospital from the founding of the Otago Province in 1848 through to the present time.

It draws extensively on early records of the Hospital's development and the evolution of anaesthetic services and the Anaesthetic Department over 150 years. It covers the changes in anaesthetic equipment and the personalities involved, with liberal illustrations and details of changes in anaesthetic techniques, with the eventual emergence of present modern Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, and New Zealand's first Chair in Anaesthesia. A comprehensive Appendix incorporates the staff of the Department dating back to the appointment of Dunedin Hospital's first honorary anaesthetist in 1906. The book is available from:

The Secretary
Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Dunedin Hospital
Private Bag 1921

The cost of the book is $25.00.  Please enclose a cheque made payable to the Department Anaesthesia and Intensive Care with all orders.

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