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About Medical Laboratory Science

Are you interested in finding out what is going on inside the body?

Medical Laboratory Science students in one of our teaching labs.

The field of exploration that professional Medical Laboratory Scientists undertake is vast, ranging from gross anatomy to the underlying genetic and molecular factors that affect it.

Even now, we can see the impact of future tests that may be developed for diagnosing such health problems as cancer or genetic disorders.

Why study Medical Laboratory Science?


Medical laboratory scientists perform tests in different disciplines and have a wide range of career options.

Everyday brings a different challange and new problems to solve.

Job satisfaction

As a vital part of the medical profession the test results med lab scientists provide have an immediate impact on the care of critically ill patients.

Making a real difference in patients' lives contributes to high levels of job satisfaction among medical laboratory scientists.


Medical laboratory scientists often work independently with minimal supervision.

While still a key member of the health care team, med lab scientists have greater control over their daily routine than many other health care professionals.

Expanding roles

Demand for faster testing and constant monitoring of patients has taken some tests out of the laboratory to the patients bedside and into the community.

This is called point-of-care testing. This is an exciting new role for medical laboratory scientists.


An Otago degree is an internationally-recognised qualification.

If you have a desire to see the world, a career as a med lab scientist will carry you through life's adventures.

Postgraduate study

When you have completed your degree, if scientific research or forensics is your passion there are numerous opportunities to further your education in these areas, as your laboratory skills and knowledge are directly transferable.