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Does this tissue sample contain cancer? What can this woman's blood tell us about her health? Is this unborn child developing normally? Is this drug effectively stopping the infection? 

Medical laboratory professionals are the behind-the-scenes backbone of medicine. More than 70% of medical decisions are based on the results of laboratory tests. Modern medicine would be impossible without medical laboratory testing. From one blood or tissue sample, we can assess kidney, liver or heart function, or if a person has an infection or cancer.

A BMLSc degree is the only undergraduate pathway to work as a medical laboratory scientist in New Zealand. 

Why study Medical Laboratory Science at Otago?

The knowledge and skills obtained from an Otago BMLSc degree are transferable across a wide range of careers, including medical diagnostics, research and development, biotechnology, mortuary technology, laboratory and healthcare management, veterinary pathology, industry and graduate entry into other healthcare professions.

Discover Medical Laboratory Science

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What is Medical Laboratory Science?

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Find out all about the exciting opportunities awaiting you in Medical Laboratory Science.

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Undergraduate study

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We offer one undergraduate qualification: the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.

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Postgraduate study

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Learn about the PGDipMLSc, MMLSc, or PhD in Medical Laboratory Science.

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Graduate profiles

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Find out about the amazing people who have graduated and done amazing things.

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