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The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science


The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc) degree was introduced in 1992, to meet the needs of the medical diagnostic laboratory profession for a science-based academic qualification.  The four-year programme includes a comprehensive grounding in health sciences and specialised training in the various laboratory disciplines, such as microbiology, biochemistry and haematology with an emphasis on laboratory testing.  

Entry to the Medical Laboratory Science programme is most commonly gained by first enrolling in the competitive Health Sciences First Year programme (BSc), in your first year of university study.

The Division of Health Sciences website has further information on Health Sciences First Year and admission to the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science programme.

Graduates can expect to gain early recognition and registration as Medical Laboratory Scientists in New Zealand, and can also work in most other countries.  Medical Laboratory Scientists play a major part in helping to diagnose and treat diseases.  There are many opportunities for postgraduate study, either in Medical Laboratory Science, or in one of the related health sciences such as forensic pathology, or molecular pathology. 

The role of Clinical Scientist is becoming established in New Zealand.  In this role Medical Laboratory Scientists with advanced training will work more closely with clinicians to assist with patient care.

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Programme Requirements

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc)

Year Papers Points
1st year

Health Sciences First Year Course

Note: Students enrolled in the Health Sciences First Year course will be required to achieve a satisfactory mark in a standard diagnostic English test or another approved measure of achievement.

2nd year

MELS 208  Introduction to Diagnostic Pathology

MELS 223  Infection and Immunity (for BMLSc)

MELS 230  Biochemistry (for BMLSc)

MELS 241  Human Biology: Cells to Systems (for BMLSc)

MELS 251  Physiology (for BMLSc)







3rd year

MELS 301  Diagnostic Chemical Pathology

MELS 302  Haematology and Transfusion Science

MELS 304  Principles of Pathology

MELS 305  Elements of Histotechnology

MELS 306  Medical Microbiology






4th year

Two of:

MELS 401  Advanced Diagnostic Chemical Pathology

MELS 402  Clinical Microbiology

MELS 403  Clnical Virology

MELS 404  Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

MELS 405  Cytopathology

MELS 406  Haematology

MELS 407  Histopathology

MELS 408  Transfusion Science

MELS 409  Clinical Immunology

MELS 410  Medical Laboratory Science for Rural Health


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