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Illustration and text from the second edition Theuerdank (1519)

Illustration and text from the second edition Theuerdank (1519)

Early Modern Thought Research Cluster

This research cluster provides a focus for research on all aspects of early modern thought. The early modern period spans from the mid-16th century to the late 18th century.

Areas of special expertise within the cluster include the history, literature, philosophy, music and art of the early modern period. The cluster fosters interdisciplinary research across these disciplines and includes both early career researchers as well as senior researchers who are leaders in their field.

Key areas for investigation within the cluster include: the origins of Empiricism; the philosophy of David Hume; distributed memory (Marsden funded research); philosophy and eighteenth-century literature; musical memory and music in Shakespeare’s plays; Hobbes as poet and Latinist; Locke on toleration.

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