Page from the 'Great She' Bible (1613)

Page from the 'Great She' Bible (1613)


Professor Peter Anstey
Early Modern philosophy, metaphysics, ancient philosophy, philosophy of science

Professor Alan Musgrave
Philosophy of science

Dr Charles Pigden
David Hume, intersections between early modern thought and contemporary analytic philosophy


Associate Professor Sue Court
Sixteenth and seventeenth-century opera and instrumental music


Biblia Latina

Biblia Latina (13th century).


Dr Tim Cooper
Seventeenth-century English religious history


Dr Vicki Spencer
Seventeenth and eighteenth-century European thought

Art History

Dr Judith Collard
Medieval English art, medieval manuscripts


Dr Takashi Shogimen
Political thought of medieval Europe, 1150-1500


Professor Alistair Fox
Renaissance literature

Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson
Chaucer, Renaissance literature and drama, hymnology

Dr John Hale
John Milton, Renaissance literature

Emeritus Professor Jocelyn Harris
Eighteenth-century literature, women’s literature

Dr Simone Celine Marshall
Fifteenth-century literature, history of the book

Professor Evelyn Tribble
Renaissance literature, cognition and literature, Shakespeare

Dr Greg Waite
Old English language, literature, and history, late Middle English and Early Modern English language and literature


Title page of the 1756 octavo-edition Dictionary, which includes notes in an eighteenth-century hand at front

Title page of the 1502 Aldine octavo-edition dictionary, which includes notes in an eighteenth-century hand at front.