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Dr John Pearson

Dr John PearsonJohn Pearson is a senior lecturer and consultant biostatistician at the University of Otago Christchurch. John works with cross discipline research and clinical teams on the design and analysis of experiments and surveys. John's interests are in the analysis of high throughput molecular biology techniques, including phenotype screening, genotyping, gene expression and annotation.

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John teaches in the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences with Honours programme, at the University of Otago, Christchurch.

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences with Honours at UOC

Recent publications

Sarah D. Berry, Stephen R. Davis, Elizabeth M. Beattie, Natalie L. Thomas, Alayna K. Burrett, Hamish E. Ward, Angela M. Stanfield, Margaret Biswas, Alex E. Ankersmit, Penny E. Oxley, Julia L. Barnett, John F. Pearson, Yvonne van der Does, Alastair H. K. MacGibbon, Richard J. Spelman, Klaus Lehnert, and Russell G. Mutation in Bovine Beta-Carotene Oxygenase 2 Affects Milk Color. Snell Genetics 2009; published ahead of print on April 27, 2009 as doi: 10.1534/genetics.109.101741

K Doudney, JA Harley , JF Pearson, A Miller, A Aitchison, MA Kennedy, RJ Porter2, JL Elmslie2 and PR Joyce. Upstream genetic variant near INSIG2, influences response to carnitine supplementation in bipolar patients with valproate induced weight gain. Acta Neuropsychiatrica Accepted for publication

Peri, K., Pearson, J. et al. Promoting independence in residential care: Successful recruitment for a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 9, 253-258 (2008).

Pilbrow, A. Pearson, J. et al. The Chromosome 9p21.3 Coronary Artery Disease Risk Locus is Associated with Altered Cardiac Gene Expression in Individuals without Overt Cardiac Abnormality. in 81st Annual Scientific Session of the American-Heart-Association S390-S391 (New Orleans, LA, 2008).

Schwenke, D.O., Pearson, J.T., Kangawa, K., Umetani, K. & Shirai, M. Changes in macrovessel pulmonary blood flow distribution following chronic hypoxia: assessed using synchrotron radiation microangiography. Journal of Applied Physiology 104, 88-96 (2008).

Shirai, M., Pearson, J. et al. SYNCHROTRON-BASED ANGIOGRAPHY FOR INVESTIGATION OF THE REGULATION OF VASOMOTOR FUNCTION IN THE MICROCIRCULATION IN VIVO. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 36, 107-116 (2009).