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"The heroes of your gut" to the rescue!

Have you ever thought about what happens when the food you're eating reaches your gut? Did you know there are trillions of tiny organisms living throughout your digestive tract? Without them, we couldn't extract nutrients from our food and convert them to energy to fuel out bodies. And what about the waste our body creates when it's finished?

"The heroes of our gut" is a fun augmented reality feature that brings these special critters to life on your mobile device. Get exploring:

Step 1

Go to the App store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android)

Step 2

Download the "ScopeX" app

Step 3

Open ScopeX

Step 4

Download and print off the marker sheet by following this link (it will open as a PDF)

Step 5

Point the viewfinder of your device at the human body in the centre

Step 6


AR marker sheet image