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SungYong Lee March15


Tel +64 3 479 4547



Associate Professor Lee is interested in supervising students with projects in the following areas:

Peacebuilding, development and reconciliation in a post-conflict society Conflict resolution and third-party mediation Civil conflicts and peacebuilding in Southeast Asia


Associate Professor Lee's research primarily centres on conflict resolution, third-party mediation, post-conflict reconstruction, and post-liberal models of peacebuilding, with a geographical focus on Southeast Asia.

 A few keywords that he is currently working on include local ownership of peacebuilding, faith-based peacebuilding, community resilience, everyday peace, and social reconciliation in post-violent societies.

Visit SungYong Lee's Research Gate site, with many of his publications. He has been serving various academic or professional bodies including the International Studies Association (ISA, Peace Studies Section) and the Royal Society of New Zealand (Otago Regional Committee). He is a recipient of the University of Otago Award for Excellence in Teaching (2022) and the Humanities Teaching Excellence Award (2018).

Prior to involving the academic research, he had engaged with local peacebuilding programmes in India, Afghanistan and Cambodia as a field practitioner.


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