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Mariska Kappmeier image 2020"Peace grows where we sow trust" (trans. German proverb)


Tel +64 3 479 7681



Dr Kappmeier runs the Intergroup Relation Lab and is interested in supervising students in the following areas:

  • Intergroup Relations
  • Intergroup Trust
  • Social Identity
  • Social-psychological dimensions to peace and conflict studies
  • Peace Psychology


How can groups built trust and move towards reconciliation, when their shared past has been shaped by aggression, violence or oppression? This is the question behind Dr Kappmeier's research and supervision interest which examines intergroup trust and how it can built upon to improve intergroup relations. Through her research, she had developed the Intergroup Trust Model, that conceptualizes intergroup trust as a multidimensional construct. This quantitative model provides a solid basis for understanding how trust between groups can be built but also how it is eroded.

Dr Kappmeier's areas of research expertise and writing for publication include:

  • Intergroup Trust and Trust Building
  • Collective Memories
  • Interfaith Relations
  • Trust building between institutions and diverse communities
  • Psychometric Instrument Development

Dr Kappmeier received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Before joining the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, she completed her post-doctoral tenure in the Psychology Department of Harvard University, USA.


Kappmeier, M., & Fahey, K. H. (2022). Trust and legitimacy: Policing among racial groups. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 51(2), 35-42.

Kappmeier, M., & Redlich, A. (2022). Spannungsabbau und Vertrauensaufbau [Tension reduction and trust building]. In C. Cohrs, N. Knab & G. Sommer (Eds.), Handbuch Friedenspsychologie. Philipps-Universität Marburg. doi: 10.17192/es2022.0065

Kappmeier, M., Guenoun, B., & Fahey, K. H. (2021). Conceptualizing trust between groups: An empirical validation of the five-dimensional intergroup trust model. Peace & Conflict, 27(1), 90-95. doi: 10.1037/pac0000537

Hässler, T., Uluğ, Ö. M., Kappmeier, M., & Travaglino, G. A. (2021). Intergroup contact and social change: An integrated contact-collective action model. Journal of Social Issues, 77, 217-241. doi: 10.1111/josi12412

Kappmeier, M., Venanzetti, C., & Inton-Campbell, J. M. (2021). No peace without trust: The trust and conflict map as a tool for reconciliation. In K. P. Clements & S. Lee (Eds.), Multi-level reconciliation and peacebuilding: Stakeholder perspectives. (pp. 110-134). London, UK: Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9781003017851

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