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Jasoni Laboratory

Research interests

The focus of our research is on discovering how the maternal environment during pregnancy affects the formation of the fetal brain. With conditions such as obesity and diabetes on the rise in Western society, it is critical that we fully understand the health implications of these disorders for future generations.

At the Centre for Neuroendocrinology we seek to:

  • Discover epigenetic changes in the brains of the offspring of obese or diabetic mothers
  • Establish specifically how these changes bring about altered development of axon tracts in the offspring hypothalamus

Clinical conditions

Jasoni Laboratory staff & students

Yugo Watanabe_webYugo Watanabe, Postdoctoral Fellow
The origins of PCOS by prenatal androgen exposure

Matt Higgins_webMatt Higgins, PhD student
The mechanisms underpinning leptin signaling in maturation of arcuate nucleus body weight homeostasis neural circuitry

Lorryn Fisher, Research Technician
Changes in neural circuitry and gene expression in the offspring of obese dams

Visit Our people for an alphabetical list of all Centre for Neuroendocrinology staff.


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