2023 Benestar Win Win Parenting 4-month Work–Family Webinar Program

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The University of Otago is running a support program for all working parents and carers. There are 4 months left in the 2023 series. Please share these comms far and wide across the University of Otago available to all staff with caring responsibilities for children.

Work and Family Support Program

We understand that managing work and family can be stressful and challenging. So, to help reduce family stress and support family wellbeing - you’ll have access to monthly parenting resources right through to the end of December 2023 to help you succeed at home and at work.

Our next interactive webinar is just around the corner on 19 September 1pm (NZST). Mental Wellbeing: Strategies to support children’s mental health. If you've already registered for the program, just enter the day and time in your calendar and you'll receive email reminders - 1 week before session, then 1 day and 1-hour before the session with the webinar link.

You can attend the live session or watch the recording later in the Resource Centre. If you haven't registered for the program register once here with your work email address: https://www.winwinparenting.com/otago-login

Once registered you’ll have access to all the resources in the Resource Centre. Login to the Resource Centre at the link above to access parenting articles as well as videos, podcasts and downloadable guides.

Mental Wellbeing: Strategies to support children’s mental health

This session supports working parents and carers to identify the signs that may indicate their child needs professional help as well as the knowledge and skills to support their children’s mental wellbeing.

The increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world, particularly over the last few years, has presented many challenges for our children and has taken its toll on their mental health. Experts are concerned about the possible long-term effects of these changes and impacts including the increasing in the number of children experiencing anxiety and other mental health issues. Feeling anxious from time to time is a natural part of life, however, if anxiety persists it can interfere with socialising with friends, focusing on school and simply enjoying life. Parents and carers raising school-aged children can learn how to support their child's long-term mental wellbeing with practical strategies to support mental health and nurture strong relationships with family and friends.

In this webinar, family wellbeing expert Dr Rosina McAlpine explores:

  • Statistics on adolescent mental health
  • What is mental health?
  • Signs your child may need professional support
  • Where to get help
  • The importance of parent’s as role-models for mental health and self-care
  • Strategies to support children’s long-term mental health
  • Question and answer session

Upcoming courses

  • 24 October 1pm (NZDT) Self-regulation: Supporting children to develop this important life skill
  • 21 November 1pm (NZDT) Family Safety: What parents can do to help stop violence against girls and women
  • 12 December 1pm (NZDT) School Holidays: Navigating the work and family juggle



Dr Rosina McAlpine



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