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Another World is Possible! Mission as an Adventure of the Imagination – Thomas Burns Memorial Lecture Series, Presented by Canon Dr Cathy Ross

Alumni, Public, Postgraduate students, Undergraduate students, Staff
Event type
Lecture, Seminar

Another world is possible! In the 2023 Burns Lectures, Canon Dr Cathy Ross helps us catch a glimpse of what this new world might (and does) look like, and how we can contribute towards its coming.

We'll explore mission by engaging themes of lament, hospitality, salvation, whiteness, empire, and participation with God.

Lecture Themes

  • Monday 17 April: Another World is Possible: Mission and Lament (“There are things that can be seen only with eyes that have cried.”)
  • Tuesday 18 April: Another World is Welcoming: Mission and Hospitality (Creating Space for One Another)
  • Wednesday 19 April: Another World is Waiting: Mission and Salvation (“Who then can be saved?” Perspectives on a Lived Theology of Salvation among Emerging Faith Communities in the UK)
  • Wednesday 26 April: Another World is Here: Mission and Whiteness - (A Fellowship of the Unlike)
  • Thursday 27 April: Another World is Here: Mission and Empire (Octavius Hadfield: Pioneering Prophet or Complicit Colonialist?)
  • Friday 28 April: Another World is Possible: Mission and Joining in with God (Mission as an Adventure of the Imagination)

Cathy comes from Aotearoa/NZ and has previously worked in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda with NZCMS. She is currently Head of Pioneer Leadership Training, Church Missionary Society (CMS); and Lecturer in Mission, Regent's Park College, Oxford, UK. Cathy has written and co-authored several books and articles on mission and her research interests are in the areas of contextual theologies, World Christianity, feminist theologies and hospitality.

For details on how to attend this event online, please visit our Facebook event page.



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