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Ara tiatia webinar series – Webinar 2, 2023

Public, Staff, Allied health professionals, Postgraduate students, Alumni
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Cancer: the not-so-silent killer. A Pasifika perspective

Te Rōpū Rangahau ō Te Kāhui Matepukupuku (Cancer Society Research Collaboration) is a Cancer Society of New Zealand-funded collaboration, which draws together leading cancer researchers in a comprehensive research programme on cancer prevention, care and support.

We are hosting a series of webinars (the Ara tiatia webinar series) to share our research findings and related knowledge.

Join us for: Cancer: the not-so-silent killer. A Pasifika perspective, the second webinar in the Ara tiatia series for 2023.

About the webinar

Pacific peoples have high incidence and mortality for a range of cancers, especially those associated with infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis B and HPV. There is also growing evidence of some cancers associated with obesity, diabetes, and physical inactivity. Tobacco and alcohol consumption remains very high among the Pacific people and is an important cause of cancer incidence disparity.

This webinar will include a discussion of Pasifika's perspective/approaches, with people at the centre, not the system:

  1. Focus on what Pasifika people are doing well, e.g. Immunisation/vaccination (for HPV and Hepatitis B)
  2. Work with churches, especially those that include alcohol and tobacco consumption as part of their doctrine/teaching.
  3. Utilise indigenous Pasifika cultural values to guide and inform cancer-related programmes.
    1. Respect
    2. Holistic/collective
    3. Reciprocity (relationship)
    4. Consensus
    5. Inter-dependent


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