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Bi-monthly CARE webinar series: Holding the Elderly in Humanity

Postgraduate students, Staff
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Seminar, Online
Collaboration of Ageing Research Excellence

Being old is a way of being human. All too often, though, the elderly are treated in ways that deny their humanity.

In this talk, Senior Lecturer Suzy Killmister from Monash University will suggest a possible diagnosis for why the elderly are so readily dehumanised, rooted in a philosophical worldview on which to be a human is to have certain cognitive capacities. She will then tentatively suggest an alternative way we can conceptualise being human that might be better placed to hold the elderly in the human community.

The Collaboration of Ageing Research Excellence, Te Taki Rangahau Pēperekou, is excited to invite you to our fourth bi-monthly webinar for 2023.

About the speaker

Suzy Killmister is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Monash University. Her area of expertise is moral and political philosophy, and she has published extensively on the topics of human rights, personal autonomy and dignity. Her most recent book, Contours of Dignity, was published by Oxford University Press in 2020.


This online event will be livestreamed via Zoom at the link below:

Zoom link for CARE webinar presented by Suzy Killmister



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