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Embedding Manual Therapy in our toolbox

$150 per person
Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Allied health professionals
Event type
Short course
School of Physiotherapy

Manual therapy plays an important role in the management of people with musculoskeletal conditions.

However, even the most ardent manual therapist recognises the benefits of many other approaches and incorporates them into skilful clinical practice. But how best to go about this?

  • Professor Chad Cook – Duke University. Professor Cook has developed a framework for orthopaedic manipulative therapy (OMT), matching treatment selection to pain mechanisms.
  • Professor Nadine Foster – University of Queensland. Professor Foster has looked at patient-centred manual therapy, as well as research designs and ideas on that can increase understanding of the role of manual therapy in our toolkit.

Professor Cook and Professor Foster are at the School of Physiotherapy in March 2024 as Visiting Fellows sponsored by the Stanley Paris Musculoskeletal and Manual Therapy Fund.

What will this workshop offer?

This one-day workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn from these two world renowned leaders of the profession. It will include practical, hands-on learning activities, as well as presentations and interactive discussions that will challenge you and inform your everyday practice.


Due to the practical component of the workshop, we will only be offering this as an in-person event. Numbers are limited to 30 participants. Register early to secure your place.

To register, please contact:



Cathy Chapple



0800 687 489 (free phone in NZ)

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