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Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor Bruce Russell

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Inaugural professorial lecture
Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Jungle Fever

Bruce’s research has primarily focused on mosquito borne diseases of vertebrates. Most of his efforts targeted the biology and control of Vivax Malaria (or Relapsing Malaria), which is the most widely distributed, difficult to diagnose and treat form of human malaria.

A sincere commitment to capacity building of applied research (diagnostic and antimalarial drug development) in the vivax endemic countries of Papua, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar has meant that Bruce spent much of his time working in simple field style laboratories connected to malaria clinics. Since his 2016 move from the National University of Singapore to the University of Otago, Bruce has also taken an interest in parasitic threats facing Aotearoa such as cryptosporidiosis and avian malaria in Hoiho.

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This event will be live-streamed from 5:25pm, Tuesday 10 October 2023, at the following web address:

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