Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor David Eyers

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Inaugural professorial lecture
Computer Science

Head in the clouds: the passing front of a new computing paradigm

About Professor David Eyers's research

David's research examines how to structure interacting software components for safety, efficiency and usability; and approaches to software engineering that result in auditable systems. He has developed security technology that tracks the provenance of data as it is processed by interacting computer systems. This ensures that the users' data management policies can be upheld: e.g. sensitive data can be protected from exfiltration attacks, and data sovereignty requirements can be supported. This work applies particularly to cloud computing, in which the cloud provider becomes an additional stakeholder in software systems. He is interested in computationally and energy efficient large-scale data processing techniques, for example speeding up reconstruction of 3D landscape models from geospatial measurements using high performance computing clusters. His research also investigates potential social impacts of software systems, such as determining how compliance to regulation can be demonstrated, and reducing risks caused by recommender systems within social media platforms.

This lecture will be followed with light refreshments, tea, coffee and juice.


This event will be livestreamed, from 5:25pm Tuesday 11 July 2023, at the following web address:

Professor David Eyers's IPL video stream

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