Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor Joel Tyndall

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Inaugural professorial lecture

Looking at molecules and what they do in disease

About Professor Tyndall's research

Joel Tyndall is a medicinal chemist with expertise in drug discovery using computational methods. He has a BSc(Hons) from Monash University and a PhD from the University of Queensland's Centre for Drug Design and Development.

He completed postdoctoral work at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Queensland before taking up a position in the School of Pharmacy here at Otago.

His research involves the understanding of proteins as potential drug targets, and their role in disease, particularly infectious disease. He is part of several multidisciplinary teams covering numerous infectious diseases as well as cancer.

He is currently Associate Dean (International) for the Division of Health Sciences.

This lecture will be followed with light refreshments, tea, coffee and juice.

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This event will be live-streamed, from 5:25pm Thursday 27 July 2023, at the following web address:

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